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  1. Technology
    Hi guys i am going to drive a yellow can soon and am very nervous! Please can anyone guide me how dispatch system work at airport like jfk and how do taxis get in the line? Where is it located? Any tips for me to be better?
  2. Lyft
    so. Doing the weak power driver bonus Lowest of them is the 80-40 for 185. Lol. (Sidenote: not everyone had their pdb cut. Some still have the lowest tier which is 75 still and apparently there are still people on a weekly gurantee of 1500. Awesome lyft. Just awesome. Throttling...
  3. Detroit
    Hi guys! I have a question about uber dispatching the ride request, i was thinking it was automatic to the closest driver but recently I've been getting calls from further away like even 15/17 minutes away even though I'm in the surge area n uberX n without any Surg price I wonder how it...
  4. Denver
    I have had a few rides lately that billed as uberSelect. I noticed one tonight - told them their call came through as uberSelect but I'm not, and that they could cancel this ride and call another - they said to go ahead and take them (four, probably underage, children of rich parents). I told...
  5. Miami
    For those drivers who regularly end up at MIA after dropping off a fare........ Generally, I hate going back to downtown or South Beach empty, so it's been my practice to go to a GeoZone, get into the Queue and pick up passengers coming in on flights. Incidentally, I ignore any other requests...
  6. News
1-6 of 6 Results