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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Beck Taxi driver caught urinating in a water bottle while stuck in traffic. Have you ever had to hold your bladder so bad, that you needed to urinate in a Tim Horton's or McDonald's coffee cup? Please share any tips. My personal favorite would be to get some adult diapers called "depends"...
  2. Washington DC
    Hi Uber Washington, I've posted here but not often, just from time to time. I'm an independent and does anyone else get super-annoyed by liberal conversations in your Uber? It seems like about 4/5 of my Uber riders discuss liberal/anti-Trump politics. I think that's VERY annoying. I voted for...
  3. New Jersey
    AH just PISSED on my backseat! I go to report to Uber, take pics of the mess, write up toe Pax/ride info, etc., but can't submit without a receipt. I was planning on cleaning it myself and seeing how much I could get for it. How do you guys do it?
  4. Stories
    What is wrong with people??? I will never drive on a Sunday again. First I pick up what I thought was a slightly tipsy girl and took her to see her man at a bar, next thing I know the bucket for cigs outside of bar is over this guys head and traveling straight for my new car and me!! I got...
1-5 of 5 Results