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  1. Vehicles
    I was recently denied by Carvana a lending and vehicle lease because they claim a policy that Uber is not an acceptable source of income. I earn around 800 a week doing Uber and that's more than alot of jobs these days! I guess it's a conspiracy of sorts to bar the upward mobility of our class...
  2. Lyft
    I got fired by Lyft as deactivating my account...DESPITE THE FIVE STAR RATING AVERAGE with the (fake) badge notation of achievement. Because, I uploaded the photo of insurance, alongside photo of DL, to Lyft account with the expiration date of late January, and I got approved to work for Lyft...
  3. News
    Apparently Uber (etc) are discriminatory in their pricing. Is anyone surprised? https://venturebeat.com/2020/06/12/researchers-find-racial-discrimination-in-dynamic-pricing-algorithms-used-by-uber-lyft-and-others/ Thx L :)
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    https://travelingformiles.com/uber-drivers-playing-annoying-games-at-london-heathrow/ Uber Shuffle at Heathrow Airport Anyone try to do the Bengali Shuffle at YYZ. How has destination discrimination been working out for you? Have you been banned or cancelled due to this game?
  5. Complaints
    In another thread, there was talk about Uber Comfort and how to establish if it was available in your market. I opened the Rider app and selected a destination that I use with DF as my home point. Costs provided for the primary three levels of service. Scrolling across, there is no Uber...
  6. Advice
    I’m trying it again to see sif someone can explain this picture since Uber support won’t say why. They just ignore it. I am apparently to slow to understand why the limit was $10.00 . Please only reply if you know why if you drank Uber’s koolaid please do not waste your time.
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Get a Lyft XL ping to some fleabag motel in Upland. Pax is a guy in a wheelchair with all his crap laid out everywhere. "Do your seats go down?" he asks. "Wait, what are we doing?" "We're taking all my stuff to move into my new apartment." "No, I'm not doing that, sorry." I say and drive off...
  8. Reno
    Hello All, Just had worst ride ever. Won't go into Dicken's novel about it but had close call with physical attack by four drunk college kids. Any positive words of advice to shake these assholes off would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! RideShareColi
  9. London
    http://www.cityam.com/285254/minicab-drivers-protest-outside-tfl-headquarters-over Do you feel TFL is discriminating against you??? Did anyone participated in this protest??
  10. Canberra
    Uber has included the above in-app message about assistance animals. The link takes you to Uber's Assistance Animal Policy (Australia/New Zealand): https://www.uber.com/en-AU/legal/policies/service-animal-policy/au/. This policy was last updated on 7 July 2017. This policy includes a statement...
  11. Lyft
    This was included in this week's Lyft Community Digest: Are they going to do a Men's History Month sweepstakes next month to honor your favorite Lyft dude? If not, as a guy, I am going to feel pretty discriminated against since I will not have a chance to win $1,000. Maybe I should just...
  12. Sydney
    Hi All, I am new to Uber having worked for less than a month. I believe I am considered a decent driver having scored only one 4-stars & one 3-stars out of 40 ratings with 10 badges & 3 positive review comments. I have no issue with riders giving a low rating if I have not done a decent job...
  13. New York City
    Just got stopped by the fuzz for random safety check at the Queens Midtown tunnel. They stopped one other TLC driver. I was clean so I no ticket for me. Stay safe out there.
  14. Lyft
    Some drivers have 200% powerzone, and some get 20% all mapped out in different locations with different prices- hardly seems fair, to say the least. This is complete discrimination, some zones are in Mid city far away, and I been asking other drivers to see their locations, and they are all...
  15. Philadelphia
    I just read some reports about racial discrimination in Uber-Boston, Seattle and LA. Harry Campbell suggests that the real problem in LA is boost zones that draw drivers away from poor neighborhoods of color. I'm not currently an Uber driver, but wonder if anyone sees similar patterns here in...
  16. Chicago
    Hey guys, So had this black woman the other day who was probably drinking or whatever prior to the ride, got in and started flirting with me - this has happened before and I just ignore it or just play along just to get the ride over with. Anyway, this woman asks me questions on my...
  17. Advice
    I'm a reporter working on a story about discrimination in the gig economy. I'm interested in talking to drivers who've experienced discrimination, and what they did about it. And also any drivers with disabilities about the challenges they've faced. Thanks!
  18. San Francisco
    I assume all you guys out in the bay area got this? Pisses me off......(nothing new)! Oh sure Ill take you from OAK--->SF on Friday at 5:30pm, on a UBER POOL for $13-15 Dollars including Toll. Which drivers actually accept these ridiculous requests? I almost Choked a ridiculous, ignorant...
  19. Cleveland & Akron
1-19 of 24 Results