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  1. Canberra
    Uber is currently offering discounted rides to many riders but not for Uber Comfort rides. If you recently have had fewer Uber Comfort riders, this may be the reason.
  2. Pay
    This may be a stupid question so pls be nice, but will that come out of my pocket in any way?
  3. Dallas
    Anyone gotten this message?? Kinda a nice treat. UBER pays 50% of the ride, up to $20. Yeh, I'll treat myself in a BLACK car.
  4. Las Vegas
    Curious! With Lyft or Uber, do you get a discount when a driver needs to take a ride as a passenger ? I'm going to have to actually be a PAX for the first time next weekend and was curious. If so, is there a code? How do you set this up? Geoff
  5. Brisbane
    worked my first shift at the 20% riders discount inbrisbane australia 1 flogged my car for less return 2 asked riders what they thought re discount answers were. Uber cheep enough as is was going to use them anyway 3 perhaps uber should wear this discount themselves not the drivers 4 if discount...
1-5 of 5 Results