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  1. Minneapolis
    Hi, New to Ubering during the holidays - am I the only one who's direct deposit didn't go in? Usually goes in on Tuesday. I am thinking it's because of the bank holiday, but aren't those transactions automatic? Thanks for any help! NEWB in MN!
  2. Washington DC
    I got my Direct Deposit today. Usually it comes Wednesday. Anyone else?
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    We had a number of people in my area (including yours truly) that didn't get a Direct Deposit this week. As much shit as I talk about Uber, and as pitiful as some payouts are, I could always count on the pitiful payments being in my checking account Wednesday morning. I assume Rohit hit the...
  4. New Jersey
    do any of you guys have bank of america when do you actually receive payment ? is it today or tomorrow. .
  5. Pay
    curious if anyone driving for either uber or lyft has been able to set it up so that their weekly earnings are deposited into a savings account , not a checking account ? i drive PT , and had been putting my earnings into paying off a credit card , and now that i've finally managed to pay that...
  6. Pay
    So here's the deal, I've been driving for Uber for about two weeks, the first week I just do an instant payment, but this past week I just deside to let it go to direct deposit. It says expect 1 to 2 business days to clear, here it is Thursday and it's not in my account. I'm pretty sure I put in...
  7. Pay
    So, it seems that I may transfer my earnings at any time for a 50 cent sur-charge. However, if I leave the money in Uber's hands past Sunday night, it disappears? My earnings from last (Sunday) night are gone. They are marked as "direct deposit". The thing is that my bank account has not been...
  8. Complaints
    Lately, Uber support team sucks. I wrote 100plus emails to get my payment which has been returned back to the payee due to a wrong account number that I provided them earlier.Therefore,I went to the greenlight hub for about seven times to resolve the issue.But no one were able to resolve it and...
  9. Boston
    PLEASE IGNORE THE POST. Following this warning.IHAVE BEEN TRYING TO DELETE IT BUT UNABLE TO FIGURE OUT HOW. THE EDIT OPTION I FOUND, BUT W/O MY COMPUTER, TO TRY AND EDIT ALL OUT is impossible. MY CELL phone. Means one letter at a time so I will have to wait toedit out the entire post sorry...
  10. San Francisco
    Hi. So I recently started working for uber last week in the Bay Area. I made my first ride on Wednesday August 24th. I'm still prettt confused on when I would get my direct deposit. My acct and routing number is all set in the vault just wanted to get someone to shed some light.
  11. Jacksonville
    So I have only been driving for Uber for 2 weeks now but I signed up to drive with them quite some time back. Since I signed up so long ago, the bank account I had is no longer open. I have changed it to the correct account but my very first pay was sent to the old account. I talked to the...
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    BRAVO APP DOWNLOAD LINK https://trybravo.com/#home Watch "Bravo Tip or Pay, the Cashless Way" on Vimeo: No more excuses about "nobody carries cash anymore" from cheap ass pax. This tipping app I found looks like it can increase our earnings immediately by making it effortless to tip without...
  13. Richmond
    I've been driving a few weeks now, and I'm trying to figure out exactly when the pay period ends. A search on google shows where a city in California, there's ends around 4am Monday morning. Is that different for RVA? Thanks y'all, stay safe!
  14. Pay
    Monday was a bank holiday, boo! This usually means a day later pay. I have been getting my DD on Tuesday nights between 10:30 PM and midnight, but this past week, it didn't hit until like 7 AM on Wednesday morning. I am wondering if some other folks can post when their deposit posts, I will do...
  15. Pay
    I've noticed for the last few weeks the name that is listed under my pay from Uber keeps changing. Any particular reason for this? ACH DEP UBER USALLC XXXXXXXXX - 1/20 CORPORATE ACH XXXXXXXXXX RAISER,LLC EDI PAYMNT - 12/30 CORPORATE ACH XXXXXXXXXX UBER TECH 2359 EDI PAYMNT - 12/2
  16. New Jersey
    I have been working 4 months now and never received my pay for this week nov 5th. I email them and they told me it was the banks fault..Never happened before. They told me if i dont receive it by tuesday email them back..thats a long time with no check..Any suggestions?
1-16 of 16 Results