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  1. Vehicles
    Google Maps Gets a New Option to Make Navigation Even More Fuel-Efficient
  2. New York City
    This also applies to Lyft, Gett, Via, etc. I'm just curious of the pros and cons between the two. And while you neysayers, believe that driving for apps suck, that's been well covered and not what this thread is about. Especially since I noticed that some of these "bonuses" sometimes excludes...
  3. Sydney
    I go through at least 2-3 tanks of fuel a week. But with fuel prices always fluctuating up and down it's not always possible to buy at low price cycle. So today went out and bought a large plastic fuel container. Now I can fill up both the car and the jerry can when it's cheap and it will cover...
  4. Melbourne
    As you can see from my username, I decided to select a Skoda Superb to be my Uber office on wheels. It's the 2009 black turbo diesel version with after market mags. I'd never heard of this car until I googled 'best car for Uber' and it was recommended highly, especially in England and elsewhere...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    FELLOW DiESELHEADS! Pont me in the right direction? Need DEF w/ krause fill adapter ONLY (or even an empty adblue bottle would do the trick) AFAIK audi/VW parts department at stealerships takes Sundays off, right??? And non-German non-dealership sources don't have the fill port adapter so no...
  6. Vehicles
    Dear UberPeople! I am reading this forum since a while but now I decided to speak as I seriously need to get some advice from you guys ASAP. I am living in the UK and I am a licensed private hire driver. I have been researching since months and I still have no clue what car to buy. Recently I...
1-6 of 7 Results