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  1. Philadelphia
    Here's a beauty of a day. As I'm driving to my Sunday sweet spot, my plan was to stop, get some gas and get into position. Yeah, didn't go so well. As I pulled in to the Shell gas station, I wasn't paying attention. I put in my Uber debit card, entered my pin, then canceled the sale as I...
  2. Stories
    Got my car serviced yesterday at the dealers. Went to my dentist appointment while the car was being serviced. Wait for the free shuttle for 2 hours and it never came. Ordered a Lyft instead and started the Lyft Ride from hell. Driver picked me up. should've seen the signs and cancelled the...
  3. Singapore
    Another round of cuts from uber. Minimum fare is $3.50!! LOL. Wow omg. So lucky i quit uber 2 months back. Now im riding uber cos its so freaking cheap2 good2 fast2. LOL
1-3 of 3 Results