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  1. Stories
    Had an unexpected ride down to Glassboro NJ. So I put on the DF and got a ping for a 45 minute ride. The pickup was 19 minutes in the wrong direction, but I was desparate for a ride back to PA. The pickup was at a large house on a dark country road. Pax was named Ryan. First of all the pin was...
  2. San Francisco
    South bay driver here, and when I drop off at SFO, I don't want a ride request into the City. So I turn on DF heading south bound right away, and it remains "inactive" till past the Broadway exit. Today, it took hold right away on airport grounds. Is this a change, or just a fluke ??? PS: Lyft...
  3. San Francisco
    Starting a new thread on this topic …………. Destination Filter: A few had observed the DF was not quite working correctly. I found out today that setting the DF is a now a 2 step process. First, when you invoke the DF, a wide blue bar appears with the D address below in...
  4. Lyft
    Pretty frickin worthless. I had it set to send me north. I get a ping, accept it, and the pax are heading almost 10 miles in exact opposite direction. How stupid are these guys? Anytime you gotta head a certain way you have to turn Lyft off, go with Uber. And they wonder why they can't compete.
  5. Advice
    Ok all you Uber drivers... This is a rediscovered DF trick... That I had stumbled into... And promptly forgot about... Until I used it again last night... And it worked flawlessly... First the DF is a filter to refine... Your requests for a ride... I was headed to Clearwater Beach...
1-5 of 5 Results