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  1. Washington DC
    As most of you know I do almost exclusively DF trips. I have it down to a science. Uber's DF was, for the most part, pretty reliable. Rohit is more accurate with "trips along your route" than his lead-paint chip eating cousin Rovil with Lyft. Lately though I've had a few really WTF experiences...
  2. Washington DC
    Took an early trip to BWI. Arrive about 6:30am. Try to put DF back to DC and did not allow me to go on queue with DF. It this something new?
  3. Washington DC
    Gaithersburg MD with DF to DCA. Trip to Tenleytown. Took DF OFF. DF count did not change from 2 I think is because did not reach destination. If I use the DF long enough, can I keep doing this all day ?
  4. Washington DC
    So now they're going to not have it be in use at certain times in certain areas? WTF Dara can suck it. If this is the Year of the Driver, imagine next year when they're pissed at drivers...
  5. Washington DC
    Anyone else get a call from an Uber rep explaining the change in the # of DF's? It was Friday morning around 10 or 11. Guy said that Uber wanted to be " upfront & honest" about the need for the change. (Hilarious!) Said they " value" me as an employee... Said that the DF was used too much that...
1-5 of 5 Results