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  1. Advice
    I will soon be ubering. I am looking for convinient and fast map loading device. Someone told me samsung tab 8 inch is great. Other said verizon tab is also good. Please advice. Thanks in advance.
  2. Chicago
    Tried to sign on but it's not working?? At first app said '500 internal server error' n the logo kept looping = no luck, then i shut off/on = no good, then i uninstalled/reinstalled, toggled wifi n airplane mode = still no good! Uninstalled2nd time n tried to sign in n now it keeps taking me to...
  3. Washington DC
    When I try to go online I'm getting an error message, it started this morning, has anybody else experience this problem?
  4. Advice
    Aside from giving yourself away in driving where you may not be welcome. Having a navigation device at or near eye level is dangerous. If you have a fog condition and bright lights interfering with vision you are putting you are your passenger at risk with reduced visual clarity. I was a rare...
  5. Austin
    Hi Everyone i just started in AustinUber-provided device and im trying to find out how to get the Uber-provided device, i dont use a smartphone and my roommate is getting tired of me swapping her tablet to work. HELP
1-5 of 5 Results