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  1. Reading, PA
    I received my first destinations pay out, drum rolllllll --.... a whopping $3.43. I wasn't expecting it as I drive in Reading, PA. Reading did not have the reduced fare on destination filter so that's why I was not expecting the payout. However, the reason I got it is, by chance, other trips...
  2. Stories
    I guess I’m not the only one who switched to Lyft destinations for the ride home. That’ll teach-em. Uber is once again giving full pay for destinations. Who’s the ***** now?
  3. Chicago
    If we don't have a union We should orgenize to get some power. Starting with this Monday, no driving until 6 DF are back. GO Lyft this Monday! If you agree, speed the word.
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I've used the Destination filter three times. Once it matched me with two tiny rides that, although were in my intended direction, I had to go out of my way to get to the pick-up locations and only made about $3 factoring in gas and milage. The other two times the Destination filter matched me...
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
    OK guys, I had that feature for a while, they took it away (it is not that much of app driven but server driven, who's account to turn on) I did extensive tests few days that I had and I can say this (I covered this throughout on our whatsapp group) It is called destinations mistakenly, it...
  6. Taxes
    Hi all, I've been using Uber destinations with pretty good success. I live in San Jose, but work right outside of the Oakland airport, so I often get riders going to the AP, and my 40 mile commute pays me. If I go online and set my destination, and drive my route with no fares, can, or should...
  7. Technology
    Anyone have info on the destination feature ? Seems to me if we can set a begining and ending pin , that would be the true definition of "ride share" . Getting paid to drive where I'm heading is pure profit .
  8. Toronto (Ontario)
    I want to hear ONLY from part-timers. Full timers, please do not spam this topic. ONLY part timers please reply me with patterns of your part time activities. Assuming a part-timer on uber has some other main full-time gig (main job, business, study etc.), how do you manage ubering? Do you...
  9. Lyft
    Is the only way to input their final destination to type it in? Can they drag and drop the pin like their pickup location?
  10. Advice
    I just started Ubering Jan 7th, 2016. Just need some advice regarding Protocol .. 1) Once I get to the destination even if it's not exactly known but I am as close to the "pin" as possible -- Is that when I start the Five minute count down? I read some people hitting "arrive" but I don't have...
  11. Dallas
    I have two cars now registered with Uber. My latest addition got Uber Select and XL status. I plan on driving it today. Does anyone have suggestions on where to drive for the rides?
1-11 of 11 Results