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  1. Complaints
    Destination mode shouldn't time out when heading home at the end of the day. You need to get home. If you can't run in destination mode you're going to just turn the app off. Rideshare companies don't want drivers only using destination mode because they want all riders to get serviced. But...
  2. Lyft
    ....IT WORKED! IT F-ING WORKED! Last night I was done. It was time to head home for the night. I told the app I was done, and stared the drive home. Sadly I was on the other end of the city. :mad::(:(:( Suddenly, the app popped up a message: "try destination mode" I rolled my eyes, in the...
  3. Complaints
    My issue is that both services discourage the use of destination mode. Both apps have been mostly great. They each have their ups and downs, but they gave me the ability to quit my last job and take my time looking for a new one. Over the course of months, I was earning $800-1200/wk, had a lot...
  4. Advice
    I drive in Phila but live about 45 mins out of the city. I try to use Destination Mode to pickup riders on my way in and out. After 10-15mins of no riders found, the app logs me out of Destination Mode and takes me offline. This seems like a lose/lose for all three of us (driver/rider/Lyft)...
  5. Advice
    Perhaps someone could tell me where to send this request to within the company. At the almost end of the day I usually pick my home as a destination. I never get ride requests when I do this. I suspect its because the programming allows a small angle of search criteria between me and home. I...
  6. Lyft
    Hi, My Destination Mode option disappeared yesterday. I inquired with support and tried the suggestions; uninstall app, turn off phone, reinstall, shut down other apps... no help. I rechecked relevant phone settings. Any ideas?
1-6 of 6 Results