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  1. New Jersey
    We had a little XMas gathering of men in our driver group last week. One of the guys in our group was whining about constantly getting rides into NYC from Bergen County where he lives. Another driver said that he discovered a flaw in the app. He says that he deliberately sets his DF for Midtown...
  2. Lyft
    ....IT WORKED! IT F-ING WORKED! Last night I was done. It was time to head home for the night. I told the app I was done, and stared the drive home. Sadly I was on the other end of the city. :mad::(:(:( Suddenly, the app popped up a message: "try destination mode" I rolled my eyes, in the...
  3. Washington DC
    when does uber started to show destination of some trips? When I accepted a trip to Richmond airport from DC it showed me the destination. But i cancelled the trip since I was tired and low Boost.
  4. Advice
    Many drivers love to get rider requests going to an Airport. I have a friend that believes setting an Airport destination in the Partner App increases the chances of this happening. Is this just wishful thinking or real? Does anyone have any insights or experience with this idea?
  5. Advice
    What do you do when this comes up? More often, I see the city name without a street address or a street name without a number. My first reaction is do not accept. The PAX must be an idiot who cannot figure out how to use the App. However, if it is nearby or slow then I might accept. Usually, I...
  6. New Jersey
    Now i have no way to set my destination back home?
  7. Complaints
    I stopped to drop off a pax at his destination and told me to pull up more. I start to pull up and i swear I moved up 5-10 feet and he says okay here? WTF they can't walk 3 steps more? This happened to me more than 30 times! I have 2,000 rides
  8. Chicago
    The first time I did a ride to O'Hare, I hit the in-app 'Navigate' button to the airport but it brought to an ARFF staging lot off of either 72 or 83. Whenever I have a ride to O'Hare, I check the navigation and it wants to take me there. I have to open Maps separately and enter 'O'Hare...
  9. Complaints
    What if you can only drive for an hour or two and get an airport request? What if you don't want to drive 10 minutes away to take somebody less than a mile and make the minimum fare? What if....etc. What a joke!
1-11 of 11 Results