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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hi guys! I’m a newer to Uber. I just started ubering today. I’m confused that is it me or it’s just the way Uber working that we can’t see the destination until the passager is picked up? If it’s true, how can we refuse some rides that we are not willing to do like LAX etc. since I haven’t...
  2. Chicago
    Has anyone else had issues with trips they've gotten while using Uber's destination filters lately? In the last few days I've gotten trips that were at least 20+ mins in the totally opposite direction even though I had a destination set. Every single one was taken just 5-10 mins before I would...
  3. New Jersey
    Last night, I received a Pool request. First, the pax calls me and tells me where he is going and asks what my ETA was. It was a bit strange, but people do that all the time. I pick him up and drive to his destination--the kid looked young, but I couldn't determine if he were below 18; he was...
  4. Sydney
    In the last two days I have noticed that it's not working. Even after trying out the different urgency settings.
  5. Stories
    Had a Pool PAX try to get over on me Sunday @ 3AM or maybe it just an honest mistake? They were 7 minutes away. When I got there and started the trip, the destination was at the other end of the block! When I asked where we were going, the guy gave me an address 5 miles away. Since it was a...
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    Has no one noticed this? Add arrival time under the destination feature has been added within the last 2 weeks. How is everyone's experience with this going? Have you even noticed it????
1-6 of 6 Results