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  1. Washington DC
  2. Washington DC
    It's that time again for a Deplorables Meetup Halloween Edition and hopefully celebrating the Nats. @Desertrose may be there. @HPClays is back from his air-conditioned box halfway around the world Someone in B.F.E. MD get ahold of @240BIGWINO and bring him to demonstrate the Harris Teeter...
  3. Washington DC
    Its a nice night not to cold not to hot. Lots of foot traffic in and around DC and plently of opportunties for shuffling, or the rare actual profitable ride with PrimeTime/Surge but not holding my breath. Good luck ya deplorable rats!
  4. Washington DC
    It's time for a Deplorables Meetup. MOD EDIT: ************** After feedback from a few members that had last minute issues come up, the Meetup's been postponed for 2 weeks. Tuesday May 8th Samuel Beckett's 2800 S Randolph St #110, Arlington, VA 22206 Free parking in garage behind it. Google...
  5. Washington DC
    Let us spread the word far and wide. Capital City Brewery, the birthplace of the Shirlington Shuffle--later known by Uberites and Lyftonians everywhere as the "Shuffle"--is no more. We must ensure that this great loss to our culture does not transpire without the recognition it warrants. Ahh...
1-5 of 5 Results