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  1. Denver
    Does anyone have early morning missing trips from the snow day, Thursday December 9?
  2. Denver
    Logged in at 5:40 AM, 3 rides then... nada... nothing... Hung out downtown for over an hour and a half... Home making breakfast. How’s it out there for you?
  3. Denver
    Hi there. Considering signing up for Uber and/or Lyft in Denver. I have a 2013 Ford Escape with leather seats, but they aren’t accepting Select anymore. Is Denver too saturated with drivers to do this part time, mostly early morning weekdays and part of weekends? Just looking for some extra cash...
  4. Introductions
    Hi all; I’m a Denver, Colorado Driver; I’ve driven FT for a couple of years; new to the forum. I’m the ‘stare bear’ who looks at everyone if I’m in the red rocks parking lot. Now the season is over and I’m going to hibernate ? I’m always friendly & like meeting ride share driver friends.
  5. Denver
    Hi all; I’ve been driving for a couple of years, New to the forum. I’m the ‘stare bear’ who looks at you when I’m in the parking lot at Red Rocks; this summer season is over so now it’s time to hibernate. #looking for ride share driver friends ?
  6. Complaints
    Brand new to the site but I have been driving Uber and Lyft for a year and a half in Denver. I get horrible service from Uber support every time I call but THIS IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL FOR ME :i'm mad: *RANT: I just got my driver's license and my yearly vehicle registration renewed at the same...
  7. Advice
    Hey guys, I am a brand new Fort Collins & Denver driver. I decided to do this because my truck broke down. Plus, I am a night owl. My first question is because I am renting through Hertz I have a quota I must hit in order for the car to be paid by uber. I am generally working between 9 pm...
  8. Denver
    Hey fellow drivers, I hope your holiday week and weekend has been going better than mine. My car was stolen out of my apartment building's garage. It was stolen in the Denver/Aurora area. I live near the intersection of Parker and I-225. I've attached a photo of said car. It wont have the ski...
  9. Denver
    This is the first weekend in awhile with no streaks for me. I only have 40 rides for $80 as a promotion. I took a week off so that could have effected my promotions. What is everyone else’s weekend looking like? Also it has been an extreme amount of drivers the past few weeks. Hopefully it will...
  10. Denver
    FYI if any of you run Lyft and live up by Conifer,p there's an 8:3 scheduled pickup from Conifer to Lone Tree tomorrow. $35 to $47 payout
  11. Denver
    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.9news.com/amp/article%3fsection=traffic&headline=study-uber-and-lyft-may-be-making-traffic-worse-in-the-denver-metro-area&contentId=73-600660983 A study led by CU Denver Ph.D. graduate said Uber and Lyft are contributing to traffic congestion in the Denver...
  12. Denver
    Starting Tues- picking up and dropping off passengers will change. http://via.kdvr.com/Krwc4
  13. Denver
    Are you guys all getting notified on the incoming request if it's a pool? Twice, in this past week, I accepted an uberX only to find out once I arrived and got the timer going or I got redirected, that the ride is in fact a pool. The first time I just thought I somehow missed it but that's...
  14. Denver
    OK someone please explain this new pay period Fuber has implemented. So our pay period is now Tuesday at noon through Tuesday 11:59 a.m., correct? Yet the app still reflects the work week as Monday through Sunday? what's really confusing me is, my instant pay from 6 a.m. Monday morning...
  15. Denver
    Thought I'd share this with you guys. So you guys are aware, in case you have passengers at this time. http://via.kdvr.com/Lj0At
  16. Denver
    So I went for my annual inspection today. I highly DON'T recommend Meineke. I have to finish dealing with them tomorrow. This was quite an ordeal.:rolleyes: anyways I have a couple questions for you all. I'm pretty sure I know the answers or close enough but I'm just curious if this place was as...
  17. Denver
    So I had an interesting experience today. I got a ping by someone who was rated a 4.1. I was debating if I should pick it up or let is pass. I typically don't care what your star rating is if I think you're headed to the airport. I pull up to the hotel, and low and behold this lady with the...
  18. News
    Remember the driver who shot his pax in Denver, here is an update Pax had BAC of .308 6 shots hit the pax...
  19. Denver
    Did anyone hear anything about this? I sure didn't until today. Apparently on June 13th an Uber driver was shot in Lakewood. The two boys that shot him also robbed a Lyft driver the same night! Where was the media frenzy on this one? http://via.kdvr.com/GM4iZ
  20. Denver
    Hey guys, as most of you are aware, Uber has relaxed the Geofence at DIA. Personally, I love this little perk. If I get hungry, I can run to get something to eat. If I end up in the queue longer than I expected, I can go grab gas. Hell, the fact we can actually use a real bathroom, is very much...
1-20 of 97 Results