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  1. Denver
    Hello! The other night I went to the DIA holding lot, East side by commercial lot, and it looked like it was closed. There was nobody there and there was a fenced off area that contained construction vehicles. Am I loosing my mind (certainly a possibility), is it closed or is it at a...
  2. Denver
    Whats goin Denver Int'l drivers? So I'm currently driving full time in Maryland, and I primarily drive at Baltimore-Washington Int'l. I'm curious how the rides are out there, fo you get a decent amount of rides out to Boulder, Colorado Springs, and other cities that are farther out than Denver...
  3. Denver
    The fine print of your RENTAL CAR agreement says you'll be charged $25 per contract to use: America's most expensive road. *That's $25 not including mileage* That's: 7 Miles = $42 to E-470. Don't be like me. Now I avoid E-470.
  4. Denver
    Here is the link: http://newsroom.uber.com/slc/2015/12/uberski-from-the-city-to-the-slopes/ They are going to market in Salt Lake area as X and XL rates with a $4 surcharge on top. "uberSKI services all resorts along the Wasatch Front - from Ogden, to Park City, to the Cottonwoods - and has...
  5. Technology
    I have noticed WAZE looses connectivity to its server when I go to DIA. Just about the time I get to the "Demon Horse" the app starts clocking and I get "Oh Snap!" messages. The GPS functionality continues to work but I continue to get the error messages until I leave DIA. It doesn't seem to...
1-5 of 5 Results