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  1. News
    Lots of stories lately about Uber getting kicked out of this city or that. Plus with the ever decreasing rates for drivers, while Uber/Lyft takes the lion's share of the fares, in my opinion will only lead to the likelyhood that drivers will begin taking their business profits into their own...
  2. Chicago
    Some people might not care at all about the weather. But if you care about your earnings and when to or not to drive you might care about it. So it looks like after a few “good” winters of rather mild temps and little snow, it appears both shoes are dropping in a big way and we are returning...
  3. Chicago
    I’ve been online since 9pm. One ride in 1.75 hours. One $4 ride. No tip. I know these holiday hours are slow but like, whoa. This is next level slow. I’m not even mad tho. Uber has f-ed up my emotional response system
  4. Chicago
    As those on the road are seeing, its busy out there. I've seen some reasonably high surge since 4:30am. We know in the early morning you get the 4am bar crowd and also people leaving town, mostly for work. That's generally Monday. But Friday morning tends to rival Monday in terms of demand...
  5. Chicago
    Hey guys, I’m started doing Uber Dec 2015 . Back when Uber was booming. Did it almost two years . I stop doing Uber Fall of 2017. It was a ok second source of income . Found a better second job which is stable so I quit Uber. One of my jobs is being shutdown for 2 weeks . Thinking about coming...
  6. Chicago
    A way demand can stay high and for bar tip surge to exist is hope the cubs win and play past tonight. It might be one of the few ways left to still make a little coin. I’m not a cubs fan but I’m a fan of any entity that can create elevated ride demand. Going into Wrigleyville won’t be ideal but...
  7. Chicago
    Surprised there hasn’t been much discussion but this is one of the higher ride demand weekends. Particularly around 10pm when the fest ends. Unlike Lollapalooza you have quite a different breed of people and it’s held at a more out of the wag area (Douglas Park).
  8. Chicago
    Sure a lot of this will go away when the $2 promotion kicks in at 5 PM but all of a sudden it's too warm for people to walk?
  9. Chicago
    So at this time I usually post how busy a Monday morning is. But this is spring break week for CPS and also many suburban public schools. It will be slower this week. You’ll just have to grind and work a little harder to make hay. Had to make the obvious known before somebody else does.
  10. Chicago
    I’m done for the morning. Everyone else enjoy. Here’s a photo tutorial on starting the week right.
  11. Chicago
    Already looking ahead. 2-4” of snow forecasted later Sunday overnight into Monday. I see big Monday morning earnings (and maybe unsafe driving) in the snow globe crystal ball. I call these the “nuisance snowstorms”. Not the huge storm that shuts down the city and nobody goes to work or...
  12. Chicago
    We all know NYE is tomorrow and its been discussed in just about every way possible. But, I think tonight has the possibility to provide usual Saturday evening demand, if not busier than normal. 1. The obvious: Its Saturday, its cold, and snow on the ground (I've seen many vehicles in which...
  13. Chicago
    This article was written last year. The focus here is Naperville, which has a heavy bar presence in its downtown area. In my opinion the night before Thanksgiving doesn't get the same attention as NYE or St. Pat's, but its a significant party night. Especially with many college students home...
  14. Pay
    Exclusively Eats, has anyone else who is exclusively Eats noticed the demand has gone down? (I started in February) I used to make bank working only 3 days, now i have to work 6 just to match. I'm sure the weather has something to do with it, but wasn't sure if anyone else was having a similar...
  15. Detroit
    It appears that there is a Tigers game each day this week at Comerica Park. Do these games on weekdays have a lot of demand for rides?
  16. Denver
    Hello Denver Drivers, Denver Dryvline is a free, easy to read, Denver specific weekly email newsletter which gives drivers local and up to date information about if, where, and when each day of the upcoming week will see demand. It is delivered once a week in a simple and easy to use format...
  17. Stories
  18. Miami
    I'm interested in hearing from other drivers how business is going for you this first week of school. Specifically want to hear from those who drive XL, Lux and LUX-SUV. I have not been putting in very many hours this week but I did notice that I have not been getting ANY early morning (more...
  19. Burlington
    Uber promised high demand during college graduations. Did anyone notice higher earnings and increased demand? The main thing I saw was too many drivers on all day preventing any hopes of a sustained surge. There were some brief good moments (including a 3.6x fare) but overall I didn't see an...
  20. Sacramento
    I haven't received one ping in over an hour that's close to the surge that's advertised. A. How many of you accept trips no matter the surge factor? B.Who has a favorite number or rule on what they feel is profitable? C. How many out there ignore all pings unless they are as advertised or...
1-20 of 28 Results