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  1. Advice
    Is it worth the effort & chance of green beer vomet to work the St Paddy' Parade in Delray Beach tomorrow. Seem like it would be a lot of short rides with drunks!
  2. West Palm Beach
    I drive UberX in PBC. I've done 53 trips over the course of about three weeks. My first week I drove four evenings/nights from roughly 5:00pm up to about 1:00am. I made about $360. This does NOT include gas and other expenses (I usually dump about $15 per evening in the gas tank). A lot of my...
  3. Miami
    Upgraded to XL and barely getting any rides in Palm Beach County (Delray-Boca) ... 3 1/2 hours Sunday night without a single ping. Just had them add a new option so I can drive both XL+X, but isn't that defeating the purpose? I was getting a new car anyway, but spent significantly more to get an...
1-3 of 3 Results