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    Bike messengers say Uber is flouting state labor laws and killing their business http://www.crainsnewyork.com/article/20160207/TECHNOLOGY/160209885/uber-is-killing-the-bike-messenger
  2. Delivery
    Current U/L driver here -- I see a Saturday session has opened for 2/6 here in Pittsburgh. Question is, is it worth it to start up with Postmates? I will keep reading the PM threads here and doing research; I do have some questions: - I know they provide your insulated bag, how good of a job...
  3. Advice
    I received a ping this morning at 5:30AM PST. I accepted and immediately was called by a 310 area code way outside my area code. (I'm in Central California) he stated that we was from Nebraska and worked for a insurance company. He said my ping was to go to Walgreens 24 hour pharmacy and pick up...
  4. Delivery
    ... Rules to make delivery easier. 1. Always carry quarters. Yes you're going to have to pay a meter every once in a while. 2. Learn which pickups are best for parking. If you accept a job and can't find parking request a reassign. Take note of it and move on, yes it sucks you had to drive to...
  5. Delivery
    ... Servers and cashiers? After about 2 weeks of me doing delivery full-time, I started dropping dollars to wait staff and cashiers. Here are some of my rules for tipping: 1. If its a restaurant I pickup from often I'll give a buck per pickup. Usually restaurants have a community tip jar. 2...
  6. Delivery
    ... The longest drop request I've received yet. I had to ask for a reassign because of an emergency. The request came at the start of rush hour too, so I wonder if cx knows it would have taken almost 2hrs to get their sandwich. The food experience would have been crap.
  7. Delivery
  8. Delivery
    Did anyone try for this Halloween weekend bonus? $100 for completing 50 deliveries. I ran the numbers and it averaged out to be a little over 3 per hour, during required hours, a courier had to complete to get the bonus. Not an easy challenge. If anyone did try for bonus I'd like to hear how.
  9. Dallas
    It's official: Uber's hot-box food delivery service has hit Dallas. So how many of you have gone to orientation to convert your car into a mobile microwave and lunch truck, with no tip?
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    Los Angeles CA October 2015
  11. Notifications
    October 2015 Los Angeles CA
  12. Chatter
    Is anyone driving for other companies while they drive for Uber? Ie: are you also doing driving for companies that run on demand delivery services? Curious to hear your experiences. Pros/Cons etc Thanks
  13. Advice
    Hi guys! I am a student journalist in Austin and fan of Uber. I was curious if anyone had ever had experiences where a passenger wanted you to deliver something on your ride, instead of the typical passenger pick up and drop off. I have heard people in and around my campus talk about this and...
161-173 of 173 Results