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  1. Ratings
    Last month, during my first month of UberEats, like many first time drivers I'm sure, I was like 'I'm going to accept everything because Uber will give me more deliveries!'. But after watching a lot of YT videos and starting to pay attention to milage vs fare, I recently started being a bit...
  2. UberEATS
    Uber Eats deliveries will be served by mini autonomous EVs in US markets starting this fall
  3. Delivery
    I just took a very short distance and time delivery from 7-Eleven. The trip supplement was relatively large? I wonder why.
  4. UberEATS
    Uber Eats now delivers office and school supplies
  5. Delivery
    We all have our own standards and rules for staying profitable in our unique markets. Mine are usually reject anything under $9.00, at least 2$ per mile, avoid certain areas and never EVER accept Walmart pings. Well? Folks? I ****ed up. Uber-eats is usually my third option that I use to fill...
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    Somehow this made it through the gmail spam filter, but it is comically badly done. Look at that number heave email title. the @xgxfld.elxq.uc.a email address The ((1)) in the Pending Order the vague DHL lookalike graphic the generic "no one present to sign for the delivery" reason the...
  7. Technology
    Food Delivery Ideas – Cold Drinks And Cold Food Delivery Bag
  8. Technology
    Food Delivery Ideas – Food Delivery Bag With Cup Holders
  9. Insurance
    Maybe this will be valuable to someone. It's a brief overview of insuring yourself whilst gigging. I have no financial interest in any company mentioned here. Insuring the rapidly growing gig economy amid a global pandemic
  10. UberEATS
    Anyone can explain experiencing deductions from UberEats ?!! Uber took over 100 dollars from me randomly; which they apparently have no idea about. Near the deduction it says "SHELL ACCOUNT"
  11. UberEATS
    We're several months removed from when these beauties debuted at the SuperBowl. Has any body received any of these non-food delivery offers on Eats yet or have they already killed it? The only thing I've experienced that hasn't been a restaurant is them trying to send me to Target or...
  12. UberEATS
    I accepted an estimated delivery for $8.63. I got the order and delivered it, only to realize, that the notes from the customer said to 'leave by the door', which I did. I realized later, that I only made $3.22. Seems, like the 'leave by the door' is a way to not leave a tip - you don't need to...
  13. Delivery
    Starting to slip into the Friday afternoon doldrums? Here's one from the let's-see-what's-on-social-media-today file: an autonomous food delivery robot putting up a noble defense against a freight locomotive after apparently becoming stranded in a railroad crossing. Sure, the tiny scrapper...
  14. Delivery
    Trying to select a vehicle and it's not giving me option I can anybody help me out !! one of the cars I'm trying to take off and the other I tried to selecting it after it said it was approved for a deliveries and yet it still doesn't let me select it.
  15. News
    The membership offers perks like better-rated drivers and regular discounts. Uber is taking another shot at subscriptions, and this latest attempt might make sense if you're as interested in deluxe treatment as you are discounts. The service has launched an Uber One membership that, for $10...
  16. Toronto (Ontario)
    Good day Community, Please advise on the rideshare and food delivery expectations for business on October 31? Boom or Bust???
  17. Delivery
    my Uber delivery app says Error! The application could not be completed Error 0) This came up after I dropped a customers order off and tried many unsuccessful times to deliver it? I have tried everything from reinstalling the app, to resetting my network settings did and IOS update still it’s...
  18. Delivery
    Grubhub is doing away with a controversial phone ordering system that had restaurants across the nation paying the app commissions for orders that never took place, The Post has learned. Starting Aug. 23, the food delivery and ordering company will be using call centers with actual customer...
  19. Philadelphia
    Richard Hernández bought Franklinville’s Sabor Rico Bakery (formerly known as A&Y) in December 2019, three months before the pandemic hit. He didn’t even get the chance to change the store’s sign before he found himself struggling to keep his small business open. While managing the store, the...
  20. News
    We’re excited to announce our exclusive partnership with FTD, LLC – a leader in the floral industry for more than a century – to bring on-demand flower delivery to Uber and Uber Eats customers nationwide. This one-of-a-kind deal marks Uber’s first national floral partnership, and establishes...
1-20 of 193 Results