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  1. Technology
    Food Delivery Ideas – Cold Drinks And Cold Food Delivery Bag
  2. Technology
    Food Delivery Ideas – Food Delivery Bag With Cup Holders
  3. Complaints
    Starbucks does 1000s of delivery orders every day. You would think after all this time they would have figured out their bagging process sucks. Unless I'm very late for a pickup the order is never ready to go. The poor barista has to make the bag. (every single time they have a delivery order)...
  4. Minneapolis
    Yes, I know you make much more money driving and UE is a rip off, etc, etc, but I am a terrible driver and don't want strangers in my car. Anyways, I guess I'm curious about people's different strategies, I have definitely been able to make some good cash doing this but I'm all about...
  5. Delivery
    I have the cheap little bluemark bag that UberEATS offers a link to. It works pretty well for most orders, but I am thinking about investing in a larger, better quality bag (that can handle a pizza or two, for instance). Does anyone have any particular bags that have worked great for you? Are...
1-5 of 5 Results