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  1. Philadelphia
    My brother lives between OCMD and Rehoboth (20 min from Rehoboth) I'm trying to decide if it's worth going out to the shore tonight and work into Monday. But I'm not sure if I can accept rides out in MD or DE as a Philly registered driver, currently the surge in rehoboth looks highest (i have...
  2. Philadelphia
    I was wandering what was downtown Wilmington like during the day evenings .. wknds ... on U/L ... There's no City listing for it on the Forum here and I'm sure there's a network of drivers there of some sort I tried Wilmington a few months back ... on a Sunday morning , but this was when...
  3. Advice
    Does anyone have any information on if I need a business license in Delaware? I just started driving in the Lewes, Rehoboth and Dewey Beach areas. I'm not looking to get tickets. But I also don't want to spend 109$ unnecessarily when Uber pays us pennies. Any info would be appreciated. As I'm...
  4. Insurance
    Has anyone found an insurance carrier in Delaware that won't drop you for working with Uber? I have called around for 5 days and have not had any luck other than offerings of a commercial policy at over $5000 per year. Anyone find any carrier for Delaware yet?
1-4 of 4 Results