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  1. Chicago
    Hi Drivers, We are design students from IIT working on a course project to design an application to help ride-share and delivery drivers better track their deductible expenses. That being said, we would love to invite you to an easy, remote, about-30-minute user test. As we are currently...
  2. Taxes
    I'm using quickbooks with my Uber "business." I did my first quarterly and with expenses I was ahead by a couple hundred. Entering my mileage for the second quarter has been different. I notice that if I enter 100 miles which should be $54 (57?) then the deduction in taxes owed only changes...
  3. Taxes
    Hello Uberpeople! I am thinking of driving for Uber on my spare time and would like to know if I can have Uber pay me under my S-Corp with its own tax ID. I already have W2 from my full-time job and would like the additional income from Uber to go under S-Corp I have set up for professional...
  4. Taxes
    HI all, I'm going to make this short but detailed because I can't find a damn answer on this. I've been driving for lyft for about 2 months but am now starting to take mileage. I live in Brooklyn,NY but lyft in Jersey City. My main question is, do I mark down my odometer the second I get into...
  5. Taxes
    We all owe it to ourselves to know the latest tax deduction information. This is the best list I've found to-date to check my daily expenses against. (repost from Tax, since it's pay related)
  6. Houston
    Gotta love it. Just received a text from Uber stating that they are deducting the $11.01 TNC license from my earnings last week. WTH?!? If it's not one thing it's another.
1-6 of 6 Results