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  1. Technology
    From this two year old article: Is this still occurring? If so or if not, how'd we even know?
  2. Complaints
    Every since I started declining every pool request, I'm very satisfied. ?
  3. Stories
    Had a pax complain pool wasn’t a selectable option this morning. I figured it was few drivers in the vicinity and everyone was declining anything under x. Keep up the declines!
  4. UberEATS
    This weekend we saw a slowdown at the restaurant. We dropped under 100 orders per day from the app based delivery services to an average of 82 per day. UberEats didn't get any orders but we saw an increase in DoorDash and Postmates. What happened to UberEats? It went from being a leader to...
  5. Advice
    I’ve seen it asked, but not answered here. Does it count against you some how to decline pool rides? I haven’t had that many of them, but am in the opinion of the majority, that I don’t like them. One of the first ones I received, I was picking up the pax (Kylie), waiting on them, when I...
  6. UberEATS
    Uber must be getting desperate. I know there were plenty of other Ants on the map. So, hopefully everyone is declining. These were all legit accept & cancel. Map kept flipping in such a way that it tricked me. I couldn't believe they actually kept pinging me for the same McDonald's. I've told...
  7. News
    https://www.cnet.com/news/uber-sees-first-decline-in-passengers-lyft-increases-report-says/ Uber reportedly lost 1 percent of the ground transportation market. And in some cities, like San Francisco, it saw an 8 percent fall. Meanwhile, Lyft is on the rise. by Dara Kerr October 24, 2017 12:00...
  8. Advice
    So, probably a newbie question, but I have a question on declining Lyft (and probably Uber) ride requests. I've about given up on Lyft, but this week they sent out a guaranteed hourly rate promo which I opted in. I decided to turn off Uber and use Lyft exclusively for my Friday and Saturday...
  9. Stories
    Recently I accepted a pax on 3.4x surge for a half mile ride to her dorm. I was happy for getting a surge rate but as soon as she opened the door I regretted. She opened up and didn't even greet me on my how are you doing, she rolled her eyes and told me that I should be ashamed and that I was a...
  10. Raleigh-Durham
    Drivers, you must decline terms of service and/or opt out of arbitration to retain your rights. Very important! New drivers have 30 days to opt out of arbitration from the day you first signed. I will repost this video by Uberman explaining:
  11. Piedmont Triad
    Drivers, make sure to watch these videos and follow through for your own protection:
  12. Charlotte
    Make sure and watch this video by Uberman and/or Uberdude Birmingham about new terms of service:
  13. Toronto (Ontario)
    What is the best way to decline rides? Suggestions anyone?
  14. New York City
    We all agree that UberPool is Bullshit. We all complain about it but do nothing at all. Its getting worse. Last week Uber took away the option to decline a second pick-up in the pool, now it just adds it automatically. All of us should just decline all uberpool requests. Sooner or later uber...
1-14 of 14 Results