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  1. Sydney
    I checked Ola’s “Ride Earning Breakup” for a trip I did today and noticed that they are now charging drivers 22.5% commission, not the 15% they notified us about by email. The per km amount has now dropped from $1.34 (under the introductory 7.5%) to $1.23 (at 15%) to $1.12. See attached...
  2. Atlanta
    For months Uber has been sending me marketing materials to do Quest. This week I decided to try it. So the promotion material say that I’ll make $30 once I complete 25 trips and $45 dollars once I complete $45 trips. I did the 25 trips and received $30 as planned. However, once I got to 45...
  3. Complaints
    Hey, party people 1st post. I feel like Ubers secret algo sauce is a little deceptive when it comes to quest promos. I've noticed that when I'm down to my last 10 or so to complete a quest they're usually few and faaar between. I usually try not to stay out after midnight. When it comes to...
1-3 of 3 Results