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  1. Lyft
    Is this a good idea?
  2. London
    Wondering if people would be interested to earn 1% cashback on all their fuel purchases? There is a company that I know that is about to launch something like this - wanted to know how big the take up might be. They will even give you £5 for free to test out the product... Cheers L
  3. Chicago
    Someone stole over $700 from me. They must of hacked my account or something. Somebody made $700 in atm transactions while I was using my card regularly. I wasn’t even mad because I figured GoBank would give me my money back because even Ray Charles could see somebody got me. I can’t be at Taco...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So, after driving for UberEats for 4 months, I decided to add UberX and Select to my repertoire. Went to the Santa Ana Greenlight Hub and asked to add them to my account. "Oh no, you have to open a new account and reapply." So I did, passed the background check overnight, and the problems...
  5. Advice
    Hello all! I’m a beginner to the Uber driver world. I’ve been reading up as much as I can here but I still had a couple questions and couldn’t find an appropriate answer using search. First to let you know I drive around Atlanta, and since I don’t know where I have to go with rides, I noticed I...
  6. Denver
    Hey all, I just opened an Uber Debit Card account, and right after the Uber app said I was approved, I was taken to a page within the app that showed weekly earnings with little drop downs that allowed me to see detailed trip reports. It was a really cool page, and now I can't find it again...
  7. Advice
    I am considering getting the uber visa debit card, and was hoping to get a little insight from someone that has experience using the card and the instant pay feature. 1-How do you go about checking the balance on the card? Can you track your balance and purchases just like a normal checking...
  8. Complaints
    I have done less than a dozen Instant Pay cashouts. Never a single problem. Now my Uber app says that my debit card has had problems with instant pay in the past, and the best way to guarantee no issues in the future is to use the Uber debit card. See screenshot. What a crock of shit! Every...
  9. New York City
    do i have to cash everything out at once, or is there an option to select an amount. uber debit card, you know how it goes... i want my balance to be exactly how much i need for gas this week, no more, but i dont see that option in the app
  10. Pay
    I use the Uber "business debit" card issued by GoBank with the Visa logo. Generally I use it once or twice per day to instantly deposit my earnings. I avoid pushing the limit of 5 deposits per day. Today I tried to instantly deposit a small sum, under $100.00 after verifying that I hadn't done 5...
1-10 of 10 Results