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  1. Washington DC
    Its Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras folks... Should be a decent night for the U/H/Dupont Circle crowd in DC and Clarendon in Northern VA... I'll be out shaking the money tree... Who else will be out tonight?
  2. Washington DC
    I swear the closer you are to quest the more Fuber starts screwing with you and the rides start to drive up this is grade A horse manure!!! #screwyoudara
  3. Washington DC
    hmmmm so this area has surged for over an hour and no rides...faker than a strippers top toys boys
  4. Washington DC
    I'm a NJ Lyft/Uber driver and my wife and I are moving to the Washington DC metro area. We are trying to fill in some extra/side income to help cover moving and costs and we are trying to see if it is even worth it with current promotions. What are the current Uber/Lyft Promos for signing up...
  5. Washington DC
    Hi, i am an Uber Driver, today is my second week, and I have a question. My Driver License, and Vehicle is from VA. Can I pickup passengers in DC?? Or can I only pick up in VA ?
  6. Washington DC
    Dear fellow Uber and Lyft drivers turn your lights off when your waiting at the airport cell phone lots instead of blinding the person in front of you! I know just a rant while I wait in queue... Uber on people
  7. Montgomery County
    The METRO System in Washington DC , MD etc is closed completely today for Emergency Inspections. UBER has placed a SURGE CAP due to this transit emergency Here is the full story: All Metrorail service will be suspended Wednesday, March 16, for emergency inspections Metro General Manager/CEO...
1-7 of 7 Results