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  1. Dallas
    Notice the heart shaped pattern! This was on Valentines Day. Tell me the Uber people do not create the surge for visual effect. Goal to get you to drive to it only to have it disappear! Notice... I am of course just outside of the “Surge” LOL!!!!! No I do not chase surge ... just thought this...
  2. London
    Hello everybody. Im 12 years experienced driver located by Heathrow. Have been through all major companies as a company driver, the last one being Crawfords for the last three years. This year I hired an e class and signed to AddLee, Wheely and Driven, planning Excel as well and hoping for...
  3. Miami
    So I have only gotten one personal bonus(during art basel) offered to me since lyft stopped offering power driver bonus. (and 2 streak offers) and no other bonuses. Yesterday I was on the phone with a nice/actually seemed knowledgeable customer service representative and he said O there have...
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    1st Nov seems to the worst day in my uber history... How is everyone else doing ?
  5. Chicago
    Does anybody here on forum mine bitcoins ? I wonder if any geeks out here driving had as much time as I do and spend like 100+h reading waiting for this bs pings to come and went it to that lol. What other interests did you guys picked up because of massive amount of down time ?
  6. News
    http://m.ndtv.com/delhi-news/bmw-driven-at-120-per-hour-kills-uber-driver-on-first-day-of-job-1652085 BMW Driven At 120 Kmph Kills Uber Driver On First Day Of Job. A young executive working for a multi-national company was driving his BMW at 120 km per hour in Delhi when he crashed into an Uber...
  7. Indianapolis
    I plan on driving the Sat/Sun before, I will be UberXL. I have already applied for the placard - does anyone know what this will allow me to do? Any tips on where to park, go, etc. Any idea what surges may be that day?
  8. Advice
    I realize this will vary from location to location. So in your response, please describe the area you drive in: huge town, decent sized town, suburbs, small town, etc. Monday-Thursday, Friday-Saturday, and Sunday might be a good way to break it up if your location is anything like mine. I drive...
1-8 of 8 Results