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data mining
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  1. Technology
    Just watched Jeff Moss... He's the founder of the Black Hat convention..and Def Con That is held every year in Vegas... He said..."The amount of money that is made by Uber on pax data is at least equivalent to what it makes on rides" I would think you would be safe to assume... That it...
  2. News
    The data that Uber collects when you are driving around, waiting for a request, or "dead miles" returning from a long trip, earning nothing, are immensely valuable to Uber. Over a year after this story broke, Uber is using even more innovative and more profitable ways to profit from drivers'...
  3. Chatter
    I have always wondered WHO provide this forum to us? There are no ads, no fees, and few requirements for data that could be used in data-mining. Who pays the bills. What is their intent? What do they get out of it? Who are they sponsored by and/or affiliated with? What is their country of...
1-3 of 3 Results