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  1. Technology
    Anyone use one for Ridesharing? I just bought one for my personal use as my Vantrue kept posing issues for me with the battery not standing up to the Texas heat. I also didn't have it wired to the vehicle's power supply, so parking mode was non-existent. I did have an OwlCam which connected...
  2. Technology
    Device count? Device type(s)? Hula girl? Fuzzy dice? I'll start us off. Mine's basic but will usually git-r-dun:
  3. Vendor Deals
    Do you have a dashcam in your car? If so, the footage you capture every time you drive can be put to some really exciting use at Navigate Maps! You can upload your dashcam footage to Navigate Maps, help build a new and intelligent map of the world, and earn rewards for doing so. Whether you...
  4. Vendor Deals
    Hi everyone 👋 NVG8 here! We are building Navigate Maps, a new type of map application that crowdsources high-quality imagery from users to create an immersive, constantly-refreshing map of the world. Drivers can use a dashcam, GoPro, or even just a phone to capture street level imagery while...
  5. Advice
    Hey everyone - I'm seeing a lot in the forums about dashcams. Do most drivers have one in their car?
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    We haven't had a dashcam thread in over 3 months..time to bring it back . 😌 In the market for new dashcam..prefer one recording front rear and cabin. Cabin is a must ! Pax act a fool if no dashcam. What y'all recommend?
  7. Las Vegas
    Can anyone recommend a dashcam they have been happy with that also provides cabin view?
  8. Advice
    This topic comes up from time to time. If you are gonna get one, why not save $$? I found some Black Friday deals, here is one I like: ++Amazon Prime Exclusive Discounts-Direct Purchase Via Link++ Start Time: 11/26/20 12:00 AM End Time: 11/30/20 11:59 PM Market: USA, amazon.com Save $28 Get...
  9. Sydney
    Hi folks, What’s the best night vision quality dash cam to record the cabin? Something not too expensive and a clear footage at night Do we need stickers to warn riders by law? Cheers
  10. Technology
    Where do you put your stickers alerting pax to the presence of a dashcam? On the windows facing out? Windows facing in? Both? On some surface inside other than the windows? It's tricky for me because I usually roll down the windows a few inches to start the "I'm so-and-so. What's your...
  11. New York City
    Imagine if all you made that day was $100 and this shit happens. You got to protect yourself otherwise you would swallow that seatbelt ticket. I think they should give weekly eye exams to the NYPD or at least make them go for a bachelors before they do this kind of job. You potentially waste...
  12. Advice
    My current dashcam is kind of broken as it turns on and off automatically few times a day. So I'm thinking to buy a new dashcam. My question is should I wait til Black Friday and will there be a huge discount on Black Friday? If so, I might as well wait til then and buy one
  13. Sydney
    Hi all! I'm looking to pick up a Dashcam that records inside the car (preferably with an IR emitter, for night vision, and without a screen). The Blackvue DR900s-2ch IR is good, but I'm essentially buying half a dashcam I don't need (and I only drive Uber, I'm not a contract chauffeur for a...
  14. Articles
    Do I really need a dashcam? Recently I acquired a new dashcam. I won't complain about my old dashcam. I will simply say that having the proper features in a dashcam is Uber important. Yes, that was a play on words. As an older person in society, I have heard some really stupid stuff in my...
  15. Stories
    The one time I try to put in a day shift, a minnesota decides to smooch my prius. The idea that day driving is safer is bullshit. Sober day drivers aren't that much better than night time drunk drivers, but there are so many more of them trying to give you a bad day. I handle the crash, call...
  16. Technology
    I just ordered one of these, haven't gotten it yet, but thought I'd let you all know about the sale now. Anker finally released a dual camera for us drivers. It basically is a knock off of the vantrue N2pro dual, but cheaper...
  17. Advice
    So yesterday I have a rider who asked me about my dash cam. He said "you have a camera?" with a tone like he thought he was catching me doing something or I would be ashamed or apologetic. With pride and confidence I said "yes sir, two of them". This rider was very astute for noticing the...
  18. Stories
    Caught her rummaging through my center console, then take a bottle of water and pour it on my seat when I was out of the car. She didn't know she was on dashcam. It was a similar case to one I posted last week. Pax waited till we were close to the destination, and then wanted to go somewhere...
1-18 of 74 Results