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  1. Advice
    So, when I was deactivated for no reason last month, literally, spent an hour on the phone yesterday talking to 4 reps all of which couldn't find a single report on my account, I filled out the reactivate me form. I use Roboform to fill out web forms so I don't have to type everything in. I...
  2. Complaints
    To whom it may concern. Please stick to your old program to open radar and not controlling our earnings. It is not right for hard working drivers to be loosing time and money just because of the existing cap on earnings programmed from Uber. Many times during the day I notice cars coming to...
  3. Advice
    Dear Dara, I'd like to get a couple of things off my chest to hopefully give you point of view from the driver. My quick history in rideshare is: 6-1/2 years, started with a Mazda3, went to a Lux car and then a Lux XL. I was part time until I became Coronavirus unemployed, now I'm full time...
  4. Advice
    Who pays for Uber and Lyft? Corporate salaries? Cheap rides? Drivers healthcare? Taxpayers. And who doesn't pay taxes? Uber and Lyft. This week Uber CEO Dara pleaded with trump to add gig economy workers to the coronavirus stimulus package (bailout). In doing so Uber is asking the...
  5. News
    https://gizmodo.com/uber-ceo-decides-driver-safety-isnt-his-problem-1842456294 Uber CEO Decides Driver Safety Isn't His Problem Bryan Menegus Yesterday 2:30PM Gig workers pose a clear danger where the continued spread of covid-19 is concerned. As to the open question of how to responsibly...
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    And, he's inviting us all over for a housewarming!!! https://www.dirt.com/moguls/tech/dara-khosrowshahi-house-venice-1203293664/
  7. Dallas
    Ants, I feel all of the frustration from the ants stemming from pay rates and I do believe pay is too low to be profitable in the long run. I would like to have a thoughtful conversation around this topic instead of ranting with system 1 knee-jerk commentary about simply raising rates as if that...
  8. Advice
    I doubt the real Dara is taking the time to visit these pages, but if he is, I have a serious idea for improvement, one of MANY constructive ideas. Cut driver wait time at pickup from 5 minutes to 2 minutes. Hear me out... Your most profitable driving product is Pool, right? If you could, you...
  9. Chatter
    With more than 70% of the market share and billions in revenue, Uber will outperform Lyft by many fold for years to come. Why not join the partnership for a bright future?
  10. Chatter
    Your honest feedbacks are appreciated!
  11. Chicago
    Only reply if you can honestly answer YES to this question. I presume this will be a blank thread, but just checking. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT UBER IS A BETTER COMPANY TO DRIVE FOR SINCE DARA BECAME CEO?
  12. UberEATS
    I work at a restaurant and I do deliveries for several delivery services. The first thing that happened is that Uber cut the delivery pay for the drivers. The more experienced Uber drivers just stopped working UberEats. Uber does not know this but the best UberEats driver also work for every...
  13. Washington DC
    Dara in some poor attempt to show the ease of their convoluted app and exemplify the quality and ease of the job makes a big production of "doing an Uber ride". Are you kidding me !? What a "kitty cat". He does a ride in SAN FRANCISCO during the day. How easy and safe a trip can you get...
  14. Complaints
    Instant pay still not working (3 Days And counting)) trips taking 8-10 hours to post(3 days and counting) Khosrowshahi took over the top spot at Uber last year after its embattled founder Travis Kalanick was ousted. He's become the face of Uber's turnaround in the months since, promising to...
  15. Washington DC
    UBER Genius think we are all stupid.
  16. News
    Uber has been giving drivers the D for years. But I think they meant something else...
  17. Complaints
    Dara comes on board. The Board says fix all the problems, Dara says okay. Step 1: Damage control at the office. Okay people, no more coming to work drunk. No more grabbing T&A. Someone take those old signs down (Always be hustlin'). The War room gets renamed the Peace room. Step 2: Drivers...
  18. San Francisco
    Just when you get thought it wasn't possible to despise the shits at Uber any more:
  19. Washington DC
    Is it my impression or has Uber became worse under the leadership of this as#$&ole?
  20. Stories
    On Tuesday April 24th at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will unveil the new Uber logo. It has been well received by Uber employees at Uber headquarters in San Francisco who've seen the updated logo. While the iconic U will still remain, the border around the U will...
1-20 of 24 Results