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  1. Complaints
    So a rider damages my brand new $50,000.00 car and I don't discover it until later. After notifying Uber, all I get is an "Oh well, sorry for your luck". Apparently, since I do not know which rider is responsible, Uber will do nothing about it. They did say that I could file an insurance claim...
  2. Advice
    You approach your pax's destination on a dark, quiet street. It's after 1:00 am on a weeknight. Before you come to a complete stop, your pax already has the door open and is exiting the car. Because your pax has had a bit too much to drink, she stumbles getting out and your door flies open and...
  3. Dallas
    McKinney texas 8:30 pm ride request at the new stadium, arrive for pick-up, minors- refuse riders, have them cancel, 4.00 cancellation fee next request same minor tell them to wait 30 minutes so i can get a request out of that location,the 5 minors block my car since i will not cancel the...
1-3 of 3 Results