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  1. San Diego
    Hello Uber People, Long time lurker, first time poster. Quick question for ya'll. I had a passenger puke in my car last night just before bar close in PB. Most of it hit the door but some made it into the fabric of my seats. After taking numerous photos of the damage I did what I normally do...
  2. Chicago
    or you will be charged with transmission of porn. ("Putting The X In UberX") http://thesmokinggun.com/buster/indecent-exposure/the-sharing-economy-375902#fbcomments
  3. Advice
    Well, I be damned. After reading through most of the information online regarding Lyft and Uber's damage/inconvenience fee policy, and how rarely drivers get compensated - I became discouraged. But I decided to give it a shot and boy I'm glad I did. Here's how I went from being offered the bare...
  4. Lyft
    So about a week ago, I pick up a pax and (I mean this with no offense) she was a very obese woman. I had to roll the front seat all the way up and she still couldn't really fit comfortably in the back (and I drive a full size sedan). We get to her destination and during her struggle to get out...
  5. Las Vegas
    I had a couple in my back seat earlier and they were visiting Las Vegas from L.A. It was their first time going out in a long time as they had a kid 8 months ago. So the woman went 17 months without drinking... she went a little ham on the alcohol and puked, but she puked outside of my car, only...
  6. Advice
    I was not aware that Uber changed its policy on driver reimbursement for cleaning, apparently defining 5 damage levels and a fixed dollar amount for each. Effectively reducing the previous maximum driver reimbursement. Some drivers take preventive measures, described in several threads on this...
  7. ?

    New Jersey
  8. Complaints
    $150 isn't enough for this, I'll be getting quotes for it running under the seat and a professional cleaning!
  9. Atlanta
    Last night, I picked up a passenger who claims to be a Rapper that smelled like marijuana and stinky smell/ odor was heavy on his clothe. About 20 min ride and after dropping him, the smell lingered in my car. I rolled down all my windows to air it out but the skunky smell is already in my...
  10. Stories
    Yep, believe me or not... A drunk girl peed in my car, and she did not say anything. She just moved from the right to the left side. Well I did not notice anything at the moment. When I dropped them off (her boyfriend was in front just near me) I smelled this odor. Lyft just charged her $100...
  11. Lyft
    I have been driving for left for two weeks. Last night my first passenger threw up all over my car and on the outside of it(because he rolled down the window). The standard fee is supposed to be $250, but the left rep said they were only charging the customer $25. Why is that? the customer...
  12. Lyft
    A non-requesting passenger in a multiple passenger party damaged my vehicle and I'm not sure if Lyft's Damage Team will have my back. Will Lyft go after the requesting passenger? What has been your experience? By the way, the offending passenger yanked the door into the sidewalk without...
1-12 of 12 Results