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  1. Seattle
    FYI (same info as for those who clicked through the emails about the Driver Advisory Council): Link: https://seattledacdrivermeetup.splashthat.com RSVP MAY 9TH AT 4:30PM 15700 SOUTHCENTER PKWY, TUKWILA, WA
  2. Houston
    So I’m thinking of applying for the Houston DAC Lyft recently texted us about. In the application you have to offer 3 things/ideas you have about improving drivers’ experiences. Thoughts?? This could be much fun...
  3. Sydney
    If we get pulled over can the police ask to see our DAC? I never received a physical copy of it, only on email. Is an electronic version adequate or are we required to keep a hardcopy in the car?
  4. Sydney
    Hi guys I just sign up for Uber on 9 September, got my background check on 14th, still waiting my DAC to start the job. Does anyone have any ideas how long do I have to wait to hear back from Uber? I let Uber to submit the application for me. Or it's batter to start a new application to rms...
  5. Sydney
    First the criminal check, What is the point of applying on the net and paying via credit card then having to go down to the police station in person to have id check (which they could not do) because the centrelink card I used for ID did not have a card number on it, it had a customer number on...
  6. Pittsburgh
    Source: Lyft Email Good afternoon! In case we don't know each other already, I wanted to introduce myself! I am so honored to represent our individual markets and am excited to help bring our issues, concerns, suggestions and ideas to the forefront. I will be hosting driver socials in the...
1-6 of 6 Results