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  1. Lyft
    Everything was fine until one of your marketing goons decided it would be a good idea to cut rates. Not only are we getting paid way below minimum wage, but now we cannot even get rides within the hour, affecting not only our income, but your cash flow. You need to fire the employee who told...
  2. Miami
    Excerpts from Article: Miami New Times "Dade makes no apologies for its hellish transit system. In a move that seems to favor ridesharing and commuting by car, the county has promised to make massive budget cuts in public transit over the next fiscal year. To save $24 million, the county's...
  3. Advice
  4. Advice
    After new years Uber will be lowering prices to heat up demand. Now it will be cheaper to use a Uber instead of owning your own car. Rates will be as low as 30 cents per mile. What this means is you as a parnter will be taking more trips per hour therefore maximizing your earnings. So instead...
  5. Connecticut
    Why is so hard to to get a uber ride during the day and I used to be able to get ride in evening for work in 3 min. Now it's 7 to 10 or more....So this is how i explained my my view..Most drivers don't do this full time because even at there highest rates it doesn't pay to drive all day..Now...
1-5 of 5 Results