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  1. San Francisco
    Hi, what is San Francisco outlined southern boarder or street for CBT?
  2. San Francisco
    I don't usually chase CTBs unless there's a decent amount. Yesterday afternoon, as I was finishing up driving and heading home the CTB was $17 and I decided to give it a go. Picked up my first rider from Palo Alto Sheraton and took them to downtown. After hanging out there for about 15 minutes...
  3. San Francisco
    Lemme guess: 20% shrinkage?? How low will you go before learning to keep your app off during rush hour until you get surge on EVERY single ride? You wake up early to transport people to work during the busiest, most dangerous time of day to drive. You deserve to get paid more for EVERY RIDE...
  4. San Francisco
    Usually my humble Oakland abode is in a pink PT zone at 7:45a+ (I'm Lyft only). Today, all white everywhere but a tiny square in Berkeley. Have those $15 incentives caused every ant in town to hit the morning commute?
  5. Denver
    How many times one the 3rd Trip in the consecutive Trip bonus has this happened? "Something Went Wrong" unknown error. (See pic) Happened to me 4 times now. Really frustrating how Uber likes to steal the little incentives through these BS errors! Wow....
  6. Denver
    I've got some really remarkable CTBs this week - at 2am-4am. I've only driven for 11 months, so this will be my first rodeo. Are the algorithms expecting lots of airport traffic in the wee hours? Where else do they think these night owl riders are coming from?
1-7 of 7 Results