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  1. Advice
    Not the town loudmouth making public announcements in the city square, but the kind who shed tears and boos, either discreetly or not so much. Do you ignore it? Do you jump in with both feet? Somewhere in between those extremes?
  2. Stories
    When I pulled up to this pax, I thought I saw her sneeze. Her face was all red and her eyes were all watery. I said to her, it looks like you’re suffering from some allergies. She was quiet for a second, and then she let loose. Half crying, all beside her self, complaining about her boyfriend...
  3. Philadelphia
    What company doesn't try to frack you? Unattainable bonuses, more hours with the same pay? This is real life and welcome to it *****es. Uber and Lyft are not unique. Business owners will ALWAYS sense your comfort and make every attempt to cut a dollar at your expense. It's a story as old as...
  4. Stories
    Picked up in suburbia. Middle aged woman comes out, jumps in. Says "This is amazing, how did you know I was here? All the other drivers all try to pick me up on the other side of the fence. Every time!" I played it off. "Lucky guess, every once in a while I get it right." The ride is a short...
1-4 of 4 Results