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  1. Las Vegas
    Over the past 10 days, I’ve noticed that my app has been crashing (going offline on its own or I’m getting that message “Oops something went wrong”) as I send a message to the pax. Today, I got a ping after dropping off at T1 and got an error message. Another ping came in, I was connected, but...
  2. London
    I have received an email from TFL London saying to reapply for CRB from so called authorised provider GB group. I applied it through uber London with there ignition programme and was guided and forms were filled from uber team on some onfido thing for the crb / DBS I have few things in mind...
  3. London
    Is anyone waiting for the DBS check to come back? If do when did you submit your application and how many days has it been on stage 4?
1-3 of 3 Results