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  1. Stories
    :cryin: :cryin::cryin: Ok, which one of you is it this time?
  2. News
    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4822230/Uber-driver-banned-caught-defecating-Perth.html An Uber driver was banned after he was seen defecating on the side of the road A message was sent to the driver telling him he was not able to make pickups The notification states he was seen...
  3. Technology
    Rather than make a useless thread , I decided to share a useful app that's been around since 2009 or so. So when I was in China, I depended on Google voice to call the States because the Pang is cheap like that. Anyway, called the states for free in China and it's been good to me ever since I...
  4. Philadelphia
    Hi there! So, Uber changed my promotion for this week. Instead of Boost I got "Quest" in Center City; drive 7 trips from 6am-10am, make $35 extra. It's funny how it was surging around Center City only. Don't be surprised if you stop receiving requests when you're getting close to reach the...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Ok! Despite our differing political, social and sexual prefs, this is something as drivers we need to address immediately. The new commander and chief is now going after federal employees who are speaking against him. THERE are gag orders being out and accounts being wiped out. Why is this...
  6. Washington DC
    So I just checked the quest meter and not only did they reduce the amount to 70 they increased the amount of trips to 44. They also changed it from Mon-Friday 4am to Mon-Thursday 4am. Sneaky bastards its hard enough just to get a normal ride with these freaking quest, boost no surge and a...
  7. Chicago
    25 trips for $10 In Chicago terms, not enough for a pack of smokes; 7 minutes of downtown parking; a torta & soda (no tip); 1 small beer @ a sporting event; 3.75 gallons of gas; 1 quart of full synth motor oil (on sale). :(:mad::(
  8. Lyft
    This is today, Saturday, lots of big events, lots of pimetime rides: If I subtract $0.53/mile at 170 miles so: 104.38 - 90.1 -------- I made $14.28 in 9.5 hrs or $1.50/hr woot! <3 Lyft Los angeles
  9. Advice
    If your market offers "advice" texts, do you have it saved under your contacts? What's yours saved under? Here's mine.
1-9 of 9 Results