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  1. Sydney
    I haven't drove Uber since Covid started, are there any major changes since then. I found a list of speed changes for some roads. Surge has been capped of at 1.9 I see the M8 Motorway tunnel was completed is it popular amongst pax? The North Connex is also complete, but I am assuming it's...
  2. UberEATS
    I'm getting started again and was wondering Eats curriers are currently using masks for pickups or drops. Covid politics is oppressive in Minneapolis, but I see most curriers are not wearing masks, at least for pickups. I imagine it's required for drivers taking passengers, but haven't found...
  3. Brisbane
    Queensland drivers are being led blind into situations where they can be locked out of their own state. The Uber driver app doesn’t show drivers pick ups & destinations until after the passengers are picked up & trips started. Drivers desperately need to see these details to avoid entry into NSW...
  4. Sydney
    Is see Sydney & Melbourne have vaccination rates of like 17%. Adelaide & Perth not too much better with vaccination rates of 19% & Darwin has like 27%. Dunno what Canberra has, it’s probably exempt anyway 🤷‍♂️. Brisbane gets the get out if jail free card with a vaccination rate of 47%! We’re...
  5. Sydney
    Why is this limo driver continuously be rubbished when these mine workers who also spread it are unheard of. Go rubbish a different industry you lying journalists! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-24/limousine-driver-police-investigation-includes-other-offences/100241268
  6. Brisbane
    Im getting pings 8-17min away for amounts im not even going to profit from. Uber must think im a covid hero willing to risk exposure for the good will of others. I don’t think so, cancel cancel & cancel!!!
  7. Hanging Up Your Keys
    One day, after a few years, I just had enough. Low pay. Weird hours. Company that did not actually give a "fig" about me. Fortunately, I had low expenses and enough saved up for a while, but that was just about used up. Then the magic moment came. I turned 65. Social Security. Medicare...
  8. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello Bubberss, Does anyone know if Uber was successful in getting drivers included on the essential workers list so a younger driver can go get vaccine shot during Phase 2 that starts next month? You can read more on it here...
1-8 of 30 Results