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  1. Chicago
    I know we felt it when they quit going to the office but wasn't that more because they weren't flying or going out at night? Do you really miss those short trips to the train station or the POOL trips that will return with the commuters? Amazon employees tip better than Amazon customers so I...
  2. Brisbane
    Currentally on job seeker payments, just thinking wether its even worth going thur the troble of buying the right car.... all the licenece requirements etc or wait till the pandamic chills out some more ? I will be driving around the northside of brisbane area if that helps
  3. Advice
    It is 85°F, sunny with crystal blue skies here in Pittsburgh, Pa. Also the governor of Pa gave my county the ok to fully open malls, gyms, bars, and everything else inbetween. So of course, the pax came out in hordes demanding rides. Ive been doing only deliveries for the past couple months for...
  4. Austin
    Got this email a couple of hours ago. With the way things are going I wonder if Uber and Lyft could follow suit.
1-4 of 5 Results