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  1. News
    Just in time for the holidays, one of the gig economy’s titans made a list of new features — and it’s worth checking it twice. Uber (NYSE: UBER) on Monday released a slew of upgrades to its rideshare and delivery platforms, all geared toward holiday shopping, shipping and travel. New features...
  2. UberEATS
    Uber Eats now delivers office and school supplies
  3. Sydney
    To many of these types getting around - pays nothing & deceives drivers, collects commissions, gets rich. What a joke, go away you waste of space Steve Orenstein! https://au.linkedin.com/in/steveorenstein https://apple.news/Arpxle579RBeYRZ6LUOmT6A
  4. Canberra
    Jimmy Brings is launching in Canberra for delivery of alcohol. Registration of interest as a delivery driver: https://jimmybrings.typeform.com/to/okgPd7. (Check that your car insurance covers this type of activity. My understanding is that NRMA is the only company in the ACT that covers...
  5. Canberra
    I encountered this car with 'I'm not taxi' dome today at the North Lyneham shops. The 'I'm not taxi' wording appears only on the front of the dome. It looks as if the dome lights up at night. The word 'courier' appears prominently on the side of the car. Is this just a reflection of the...
  6. Seattle
    Hi all. So I've been having a grand old time working as a bicycle courier for Uber Rush/Uber Eats here in NYC for about 2 months. In a couple weeks (March 21st to be exact) I'm going to be taking a vacation to Seattle. Seeing as I'll more than likely be hemorrhaging money on this little trip of...
  7. Sacramento
    This is a thread dedicated to the experiences of being a Uber bike courier in Sacramento, CA. My first day delivering was yesterday. I was "online" Friday 7/14 from 11 AM to 2 PM then from 5 PM to 8 PM for a total of 6 hours. During lunch I went to the core of midtown to hangout near several...
  8. Denver
    Anyone on here delivering in Denver via the lovely bicycle yet? I'm STILL waiting for the onboarding process to be complete... and I already am an approved and active UE driver! I guess I need to go into the Greenlight and see what's up... unless they haven't launched it here in Denver area...
  9. Miami
    Saw this on Indeed.com. With as many people complaining about how slow things are I thought maybe this might work out for some. The company is Scriptfleet. Seems to be very flexible contract work. Just do a search for company name and the city is Ft Lauderdale
  10. Brisbane
    Next time you give an Uber driver a dirty look, think why? Next time you give a Taxi driver a dirty look, think why? We are one here in QLD, same licence but different working conditions. Let's work together! We are the DRIVERS & technology has turned the industry from an owners market to...
  11. Singapore
    hello new member (not driver but user) here! just wondering if drivers have encountered pickups for those who want to deliver an item/goods from one place to another? so for eg: booking made to pick up goods from one place > pick up > drop off at the next location quite curious, because i...
  12. Sydney
    Just came across this, might be interesting as as extra earner. 15% commission to People Post. Article; http://anthillonline.com/uber-couriers-disrupt-australians-send-receive-packages/ Website; http://www.peoplepost.com.au/ Anyone signed up for and doing this??
  13. Sydney
    Has anyone heard anymore about the Uber courier service or has anyone been involved in trialling it?
1-13 of 13 Results