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  1. Manchester, UK
    Hi, We are Borofree, An ethical earnings-advance and financial wellbeing platform for the Uber drivers of the UK. During the current economic downturn, people in the UK are facing a lot of stress regarding their financial well-being. We at Borofree believe that we can help Uber drivers tide...
  2. Vehicles
    What did he get right here? What did he get wrong here? How Much Does it Really Cost to Drive Your Car for Uber and Lyft?
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Gas +40% (at ~$2/L) Food +9% on average Passenger Cars +7% Cannabis is the only thing dropping in cost ( -8%) At 6.8 percent, inflation is the highest since January 1991 and exceeds the median estimate of 6.7 percent.
  4. Perth
    With the fuel cost going up and up how much longer till we call it a day and stop driving?
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
    Any one do their background check and driving record check on Uber? Is the check free or is there a cost in 2021? I believe the check is done by Triton Canada.
  6. News
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hey all. I was just in CDMX for a week of movies, dias de los muertos, expensive whiskey and swank parties. (MorbidoFest 2019). Took a lot of Ubers (and their competitors, Cabify). You think we have it bad up here? Think again, it can be so much worse. I guess Uber drivers down there are...
  8. Los Angeles & Orange County
    let say you get $1,300 in one week. After tax and other expenses (gas and maintenance), on average how much profit you get?
  9. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello fellow drivers: Would like to know how much a 4 wheel car alignment cost? I think my alignment is off, as indicated by the position of the steering wheel when I try to keep the car straight? My alignment is off probably due to all the potholes that I've hit on the Gardiner Express Way...
  10. Portland
    Are we getting any more money now that gas prices are going up? In other words, are our ride fairs reflective of the current gas price increases?? 30 more per gallon than two months ago?
  11. Washington DC
    What do you guys think is a fair price to drive 4 adults to New York and back on the same day?
  12. New York City
    So I been crunching numbers and thinking this over for a while now, and I've decided to come nearly to the decision that owning/financing is better than renting (leasing I'm sure is a monster all by itself and I won't bother with that). Here's what I've deduced thus far. Owning I don't have to...
  13. UberEATS
    Please answer the Poll. Uber would like drivers to use the insulated, zippered bag with the UberEats Logo. supposedly this keeps hot food hot longer and gives Uber some free advertising. They are available from Uber for different prices, generally around $10, and other sources may be cheaper...
  14. Greenville
    I have had several PAX ask what the $$ difference between UBER and LYFT. I tell them that as far as I know they are fairly comparable. Does anybody here know? Thanks for all of the great info. Mark
  15. Phoenix
    Hi all, I am interested to start working for Uber, but I have some concerns about the money I can earn and the cost I will have. Based on your experience how much do you earn and spend for cleaning, fuel, etc.. Thank you. Stub
  16. San Francisco
    Hi all, I am interested to start working for Uber, but I have some concerns about the money I can earn and the cost I will have. Based on your experience how much do you earn and spend for cleaning, fuel, food, etc.. Thank you. Stub
  17. Pay
    Hello Community, I wanted to share my experience driving part time on the weekends with Uber. I drive during surge with a used 2014 Toyota Prius C mostly in La Jolla and Pacific Beach, San Diego. I would estimate I worked about 30.5 hours total from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night for two...
  18. Brisbane
    So with stage 2. Its has been announced that ride booking drivers will pay an annual license fee of 235$ odd dollars. Plus a new class of CTP has been created for ride booking and limousines, meaning your rego will go up along with insurance. Exactly how much. You will find out within a month or...
  19. Tips
    LED Tipping Signs are another alternative to tablet signs, headrest signs, paper signs, etc. Competitively prices from $13 up. Which do you believe is the most cost-effective?
1-20 of 22 Results