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  1. Charlotte
    So I’m new to the whole Rideshare game, but in my short time I’ve identified and written Uber on 2 things. The first was the fact they were Surging the secure part of the airfield at CLT that no drivers have access, to entice drivers to move towards the airport, but neither the queue nor...
  2. Lyft
    LA TRAFFIC It's not even subjected to a surge at rush hour! why!!! Winter has just as much traffic as Summer. I work 30 hours and use to make 800! my rides are all cherry picked, 15 minutes away, drive to LAX for 2 hours and back for 13 dollars. last night driving 45 minutes in Hollywood no...
  3. Lyft
    Really!!!! My roommate, who also drives for lyft. He was close to the PDB and he gets blocked! APP says he needs a 6 hour break. and he had a 7 hour break before that, with 4 more hours to go! we both can't even catch up anymore, its ruthless. How greedy can this company be on Christmas.
  4. New York City
    This immoral and evil company is not paying me instantly. They say there is an issue with my bank (Chase) yet I called Chase and they say they never receive any notifications regarding anything and read out all of my transactions. Why is Lyft so immoral and evil? Has anyone ever experienced...
  5. Lyft
    Because hes selling information! Drivers and passengers! He gets paid, and he sells information. The investors should get some of that money, at least. So corrupt!
  6. Dallas
    So a few months ago I go the the city of dallas online and apply for my driver permit. During this process one of the questions asks if you want the city to run your background check (will cost $20 on top of the $30 for the permit) (or) I can use the results from a third party background check...
1-6 of 6 Results