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  1. Advice
    I am switching states from NJ to MA. I went through checkr and it was clear...I thought that was it only to find out I now need to wait on my CORI. Does anyone PLEASE tell me how long their CORI check took? Thx in advance
  2. Boston
    I live in Massachusetts & SambaSafety flagged something on my driving record, does this mean I cannot drive with lyft? Can I appeal or dispute this decision? Also My account is currently deactivated, and I’m trying to get it activated again, I’m waiting on my reports from MA RMV & MA DCJIS. I...
  3. Albany
    Any Albany or Upstate-NY driver who has been in either Vermont or Massachusetts get a ping there? If so, which town was the pickup point? Which state and town? Uber, Lyft, or both? It does not count if you are online, but do not get a ping/request from another state. :( To pickup in...
  4. Advice
    I apparently failed my CORI check for uber (which makes no sense, because I passed it for lyft a few days prior). This is the reason I was given: "The Division has determined that your records demonstrate the following offense, violation, or condition pursuant to 220 CMR 274.21: Suitability...
  5. Boston
    I was knocked off Uber in February for not passing the new Cori checks. It was an accident from 12 years ago with no one else involved. I think the rules committee meets in November to maybe update the disqualified conditions but not holding my breath.
  6. Advice
    I moved from CT to MA, so I had to switch over all my information and go through a CORI check. I received an email from the DPU saying I passed and received my certificate, and all my other info is updated on my profile. But Lyft says my CORI check is still processing... What now?
  7. Western Massachusetts
    Is anybody left on this forum that has passed CORI? Eight thousand failed and were kicked out last April & May. :( There have been no posts in this forum (except for me) since Sept 7 2017. Before that it was May 7 2017, four months earlier. If so, do you drive Uber, Lyft, or both? How do they...
  8. Lyft
    100s of Lyft drivers out of over 8,000 rideshare drivers in Massachusetts have been permanently deactivated after failing the state's new CORI background check (effective April 3, 2017) that is more extensive than either Lyft's or Uber's. Drivers in adjacent states will be affected if they want...
  9. Connecticut
    Just got this back from Uber support, although it's already been mentioned in this forum. __________________ Based on our resources, Connecticut partners are allowed to drive in Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Jersey. If you wish to drive in Boston, Western Massachusetts, and Worcester, you...
  10. Advice
    As of April 3rd, no rideshare driver may pickup in Massachusetts until they have passed the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check, which is more stringent than Uber's background check, but does not require fingerprinting. This also applies to drivers in adjacent states...
  11. Boston
    Someone posted a thread about CORI requirements to pass earlier in the year but I found this on the RMV website for driving record and other obligations. So anyone yet to receive a DPU cert or deny as yet make sure you take care of unpaid tickets/citations/excise tax etc ASAP. From RMV: Do I...
1-11 of 11 Results