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  1. Autonomous
    So we all know Google, Uber, et al are racing to create SDC's. But would anyone ever trust their lives to a company that uses over 50% of it's workforce as contractors??? Document reveals that 50% of Google's workforce are temps, vendors, and contractors. 'TVC's' wear a different colored...
  2. Long Island
    Do we have any drivers who play a lawyer on TV? Lol. If we are contractors, shouldnt we have the same rights as any other contractor/employee? We should have details of where they are going, and the price of the trip. Does anyone know of any littigation or effort to get something like this done?
  3. Perth
    Uber is one stupid company. All this while they work so hard to treat their drivers as independent contractors. Not as employees. Then they take away the one very important component of running your own business ie. set prices for services or products a business owner sells. Fixed price set...
  4. News
    https://amp.cbs46.com/story/38133714/uber-driver-arrested-after-turning-in-phone Published: May 7, 2018 A metro Atlanta Uber driver said a passenger left a cell phone in her car. "When I found the phone, being that the office is so far, I normally wait until I get a collection of things...
  5. Complaints
    The first shoe to drop was acceptance rates. The next shoe is cancellation rates. As contractors how can we be forced to accept a job when we don't even know what the job is? This is the fence Uber is trying to straddle. Calling us contractors to avoid all the costs associated with employees...
  6. News
    Extract: SHAHANI: The myth about Uber is that drivers don't really matter because Uber will have driverless cars soon and also that the biggest workplace crisis is sexual harassment, the way women in the corporate office are treated. But according to employees and investors, Uber feels far more...
1-6 of 6 Results