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  1. Chicago
    I haven't had any consecutive trips offer for 3 trips in a row, for more than 2 weeks now. How about you guys? Add that to almost no surge at all for most of the night and the profit has gone down considerably in the last 3 weeks.
  2. Canberra
    Email received on Saturday 16 November 2019 at 1.01 pm: It's Super Season! During November and December, we typically see more trips requested than any other time of year. Don't miss out! Uber It's easy as 1, 2, 3 Jack BeNimble, you're now eligible to make extra money with the Consecutive...
  3. Chicago
    Appears Uber is banking on all of the ants to drive from Wednesday afternoon through the weekend for Lollapalooza. Which means this: If you don’t want to deal with glitter, sweat, possibly mud, and millennials, put in the work before Wednesday at 3pm.
  4. Pay
    does anyone have a quest this week? I am used to getting a text from Uber asking me to select the # of trips going to drive Mon-Thursday.. and zero this week. I am also NOT getting any consecutive trips promos... is it just me? thx.
  5. Chicago
    I’m fairly new to Uber. One week, maybe around 1.5 months ago, the promos were very good ($10-$15 for 3 trips, two times per day). Since then it’s dropped To $3.50-$5.00 for the same promos. Is this normal? Does the amount fluctuate so wildly? Also, are the same promos given to every driver?
  6. Chicago
    This morning, I set a DF to bring me down to the loop. This time of the year tends to bring more short trips. Cold weather is a part of it, but all of the thawing, standing water, and some of those sidewalks can still be tricky. Trip #1: Lakeview to Old Town (surge). Trip #2: Old Town to River...
  7. Chicago
    Finally after almost a month unable to drive--a gloriously BUSY weekend. I made about $50 in Consecutive Rides and $75 Quest for 55 trips. (Sigh. Last summer, 55-trip Quests were as high as $110). I can't reach 55 trips on a routine weekend--a few holidays but more often, weather events...
  8. San Francisco
    So there was a 3/$5 CTB this morning that caused a map wide whiteout. I personally refuse to drive for base during rush hour and personally think Uber paying less than $40 an hour is insulting to any of us who fight through Bay Area rush hour traffic to deliver the entitled to work on time ...
  9. Denver
    How many times one the 3rd Trip in the consecutive Trip bonus has this happened? "Something Went Wrong" unknown error. (See pic) Happened to me 4 times now. Really frustrating how Uber likes to steal the little incentives through these BS errors! Wow....
  10. San Francisco
    See this? It's SURGING. That's what should happen. Before you head out to chase a $15.00 CTB in 90 minutes, consider this: How many rides from Fidi at 1.5x, might it take you to earn $15.00 ABOVE base? How long? Then consider: How long will it take for you to complete that streak today? How...
  11. Chicago
    Man. It was WAY busier Sunday morning at this time for the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k. Side note: It is safe to say that business travel starts to turn down a little in November. Other than Saturday's ND vs NU game and yesterday morning's race there really wasn't any major events that brought quite a...
  12. Washington DC
    Did 7 back to back pickups in downtown DC this morning... Not leaving the city,, not going off-line, and received zero bonus... When I asked Fuber why, they simply responded that the trips didn't qualify because they didn't meet the criteria.. I asked what exactly was the criteria then as they...
  13. San Francisco
    I know no one got it last week, just wondering,
  14. San Francisco
    Morning $12, Evening $4?
  15. Denver
    Was just wondering why there's not consecutive ride bonuses being offered the last two weekends? I'm being told that other drivers are being offered them while I am not, or that it is a possibility. Don't make very good money without them. I feel like they used them to lure people in unless...
  16. Seattle
    Got an e-mail last week from Boober announcing Consecutive Trips. (See: https://www.uber.com/blog/consecutive-trips-earnings/) Now my Boost is gone. My Promotions calendar simply reads, "Currently there are no upcoming promotions." According to the e-mail I got, my Consecutive Trips offer is...
1-16 of 16 Results