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  1. Lyft
    Is it just me? I see this message EVERY minute of EVERY day that I have Lyft on.
  2. Orlando
    Hi all! So I am a new Uber driver here in Daytona and I'm wondering if there are any Uber groups for Daytona anywhere online that someone could tell me about please... just trying to get connected...
  3. Australia
    I seem to be experiencing a lot of connection issues with the Driver app. I have a Samsung Note 3. Last night I had to ask a car load of drunk Pommies to cancel because I couldn't reconnect to start their trip. I was really pissed off & they were both really pissed & pissed off . . . Is this...
  4. Complaints
    Hello, Just discovered that the Lyft app does not accurately record mileage and location. Thus, the pay is inaccurate. In many cases, it will not record tolls. The app continually disconnects from servers. (I have 3 devices and it does it on all 3). Unlike Uber, Lyft does not save the...
  5. Advice
    Does anyone else notice a personal affect from the people who you meet, get to know, and bid farewell- to never hear from them again? Personally, I find it easy to connect with my clients. I have many good insightful conversations and instant friendships that abruptly end, obviously, as soon as...
1-5 of 5 Results