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  1. Stories
    So I had no idea what the term "shuffle" referred to exactly when I first came here a few months ago. A fair bit of lurking later I now know what is meant by it. I had been on the receiving end of it many times before however. It's not unique to rideshare. Just today, coming home from my Web...
  2. Asheville
    For 1 it's a safety issue and 2 it's illegal. If you were in an accident you would be liable.
  3. Dallas
    Envious? Bet you wish you were the driver for this confrontation. Where's the compassion for all drivers, Travis? I thought the driver did quite well. Some would have grabbed him by the neck, ha ha. Skip to the last part of the video when the ladies exit to see Black driver vs. Travis...
1-3 of 3 Results